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  • I am good at spoken English, pronunciation and movie teaching. The movie class in CIE is a very good for the students to learn English. Because many students don’t have a chance to use English very often, so they become weak in English learning. But the movie can give them a chance to learn English and they will learn English very well and can practice after the class.The movie class is my favorite teaching style, I hope every students will learn English very well.


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【英语口语】 康纳国际教育十一月英语课程搭档 电话咨询 0
【英语口语】 十月英语课程搭档 电话咨询 0
【英语口语】 九月英语课程搭档 电话咨询 0
【英语口语】 八月英语课程搭档 电话咨询 0
【英语口语】 七月英语课程搭档 电话咨询 0



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  • 建校时间:2009-01-01年
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