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  • All the teachers are good at spoken English, grammar and vocabulary. We try to teach English to the students in a very easy way. Grammar and vocabulary are the two most important aspects of English language, Grammar and vocabulary are important not only in learning but also in daily use. Learning English can be hard and boring at the same times, so for the learning to be fun we have organized some comedy videos and some activities in the class to make learning easy and fun, and to help students to learn English in a more delightful way.


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【英语口语】 康纳国际教育十一月英语课程搭档 电话咨询 0
【英语口语】 十月英语课程搭档 电话咨询 0
【英语口语】 九月英语课程搭档 电话咨询 0
【英语口语】 八月英语课程搭档 电话咨询 0
【英语口语】 七月英语课程搭档 电话咨询 0



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